Root Excelurator: Give Your Plants an Unbelievable Boost

Root Excelurator

House & Garden’s Root Excelurator Gold is a really special product for plants. It helps roots grow strong and healthy, making the plants better. This guide will explain all about it, from how it works to how to use it. Whether you’re new to gardening or have been doing it for a long time, knowing about this product can make your gardening even better.

What is a Root Excelurator?

What Is A Root Excelurator
Root Excelurator

Root Excelurator is a very strong product made by House and Garden to help plant roots grow well. It’s known as one of the best products for roots you can find. This special mix is made to make roots healthy and tough, and it deals with problems like brown roots, root diseases, and not-so-good conditions around the roots.

There are two types of this product: Root Excelurator Gold for soil and coco coir, and the original Root Excelurator Silver, which is best for hydroponic systems. The Gold one has extra things like molasses, which make the roots even healthier.

Root Excelurator works by covering the roots with a protective layer, like a shield. This keeps away bad bacteria and fungus. But it still lets in the good stuff the roots need. This helps the roots grow fast and strong, which makes the whole plant healthy and productive. You don’t need to use a lot of this product because it’s very strong. It’s usually used at the start of the plant’s life, from when it’s a small plant to when it starts flowering. You can use it with different types of soil and growing systems, like hydroponics.

People who garden have said really good things about this product. They’ve seen big improvements in root health, which makes the plants tough and gives more harvest. When you use Root Excelurator the right way, it makes a perfect place for roots to grow, and that means healthier and more productive plants.

How Root Excelurator Helps Plants

How Root Excelurator Helps Plants
Root Excelurator

Root Excelurator is like a superhero for plant roots. It uses a special mix of good things to make roots strong and healthy. Here’s how it works:

Making a Protective Cover:

When you put on the Root Excelurator, it makes a special shield around the roots. This shield keeps away bad things like bacteria and fungi that can hurt the roots.

Stopping Harmful Microbes:

This shield also stops bad microorganisms. It doesn’t let them make more of themselves and cause trouble for the roots.

Taking in Nutrients:

Even though it keeps away the bad stuff, it still lets in the good stuff the roots need to grow well. This way, the plant gets all the important elements it needs to grow.

Encouraging Root Growth:

With this protection, the roots grow a lot and spread out. This helps them take in even more of the good stuff they need. It’s like giving the roots a big room to grow.

Preventing Root Diseases:

Root Excelurator stops root diseases like root rot from happening. This keeps the plant strong and healthy.

Boosting the Plant’s Immune System:

When the roots are strong and healthy, it makes the plant’s immune system better. This means the plant can handle tough situations in its environment.

Getting Nutrients Efficiently:

With strong, healthy roots, the plant can take in nutrients really well. This helps it grow more, flower more, and maybe even give more harvest.

In simple words, Root Excelurator makes a safe and strong place for roots to grow. It keeps the roots safe, helps them grow a lot, and makes sure they get all the good things they need. This makes the plant healthy and productive. The mix of protection, growth encouragement, and nutrient absorption is what makes Root Excelurator so great for plant growers.

Understanding Root Excelurator Gold

Root Excelurator Gold
Root Excelurator

Root Excelurator Gold from House and Garden is a special product made to give the right food for roots to grow strong. It’s not just for roots; it helps make roots healthy and strong, keeping away sickness. It works in different types of gardens and systems, so it’s good for all kinds of gardeners.

House & Garden’s Root Excelurator Silver for Hydro (1.3-0-0.7) is a very strong root stimulator you can find today. It makes a shield around the roots that keeps away bad things like bacteria and fungus. This makes a perfect place for roots to grow big and strong. It not only protects from sickness, but it also helps cure roots if they’re already sick.

Key Features and Benefits of Root Excelurator Gold

Benefits Of Root Excelurator Gold
Root Excelurator

Explosive Root Growth: 

Root Excelurator Gold makes roots grow strong and big, providing a solid base for plants. It’s a big help for roots to soak up nutrients.

Protection Against Diseases: 

This strong mixture puts a shield around the roots, keeping away sickness and bad things. It’s like armor that keeps the roots safe and makes the area around them healthier.

Rhizosphere Optimization: 

By making a special cover around the roots, Root Excelurator Gold makes the area around the roots even better. This helps the roots soak up nutrients and keeps the whole plant healthy.

Versatility in Usage: 

No matter if you’re using soil, coco coir, or hydroponics, Root Excelurator Gold works well. It’s useful in many types of gardens.

Application and Dosage Guidelines of Root Excelurator Gold

Guidelines Of Root Excelurator Gold
Root Excelurator

Using Root Excelurator Gold is easy. When your plants are growing and during the first three weeks of flowering, add 1.1 ml per gallon to your nutrient mix. This careful way ensures the best results without using too much.

Root Excelurator Gold isn’t just for the usual plant growing times. It’s also really useful in special situations. For example, when you’re working with cuttings or very young plants, Root Excelurator Gold helps their roots grow strong early on. It’s made in a special way that helps roots grow fast, giving young plants a good start.

What’s more, before you take cuttings, you can use Root Excelurator Gold to soak the growing medium. This gets the medium ready, so when you put the cuttings in, they have a rich, nurturing place to grow. By helping roots grow early, Root Excelurator Gold helps plants become strong and healthy.

Also, some gardeners have tried using it to make nutrient-rich teas. The special mix of good things in it makes the tea better, giving plants even more of what they need. This new way of using it shows how Root Excelurator Gold can be used in different gardening methods.

Understanding the Formulation

Even though we don’t know the exact mix of things in Root Excelurator Gold, we do know that it works well. This is because the people at House & Garden have worked very carefully to make it. They’re very focused on making sure it’s really good. They have their own special labs and strict tests to make sure every bottle of Root Excelurator Gold is top-quality. This strong attention to detail makes Root Excelurator Gold special in the world of plant food.

What’s the Silver Formula?

Root Excelurator
Root Excelurator

The Silver Formula of Root Excelurator, made by House & Garden, is a very good thing for roots, especially in hydroponic systems. Let me explain more:

What it Does and What’s in it:

Helps Roots Grow:

Just like the Gold Formula, the Silver one is mostly for making roots grow very well. It’s like giving plants a special boost for their roots.

For Hydroponics:

The Silver Formula is made just for hydroponic systems. This means it works best when plants grow without soil, directly in water with lots of nutrients.

Covering the Roots: 

Just like the Gold Formula, the Silver one also makes a shield around the roots. This shield keeps away bad things like bacteria and fungi, which can be in hydroponic systems.

Benefits and Uses:

Big Root Growth:

The Silver Formula helps roots grow a lot. This means plants can get more food, so they become stronger and healthier.

Keeping Plants Safe:

The Silver Formula also stops bad things from hurting the roots. This keeps the roots healthy and helps the plant live longer.

Works in Different Systems:

You can use the Silver Formula in many hydroponic systems, even the ones with a lot of oxygen, like aeroponics and deep water culture (DWC).

Usage Instructions:

How Much to Use:

You should mix 1.1 ml of the Silver Formula with every gallon of water in the nutrient solution.

When to Use:

Give the Silver Formula at every feeding in the first two weeks of the growing cycle.

Storing and How Long it Lasts:

For the Silver Formula to work well, keep it in a cool, dark place. If it’s not opened yet, it can last for three years. After opening, it’s best to use it within a year.

Important Note:

Don’t use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or similar sterilizing agents with Root Excelurator. They might not work well together.

The Silver Formula is a good choice for hydroponic growers who want strong roots and healthy plants. It gives a mix of protection and stimulation and helps the plant take in nutrients. This is important for successful hydroponic gardening.

Making Root Excelurator Gold Work for You

Root Excelurator Gold is incredibly flexible and can be used in various types of gardens. Whether you’re using soil, coco coir, or hydroponics, this product fits right in. It’s important to remember that while the usual suggestion is 1.1 ml for every gallon, different plants might need a little more or a little less. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on how your plants are doing and adjust the amount accordingly for the best results.

Understanding How Long Root Excelurator Gold Lasts

One great thing about Root Excelurator Gold is how long it stays good. If you haven’t opened it yet and you keep it in a cool, dark place, it can stay effective for up to three years. Even after you open it, it still works well for another year. This means you can use it confidently, knowing it will still work its best.

Comparing it to Other Products

Root Excelurator Gold is efficient, especially when you compare it to other root stimulators. Because it’s so concentrated, you don’t need to use as much to get the same great results. This makes it a good choice for gardeners who want strong, healthy roots.

Hearing from Other Gardeners

Root Excelurator
Root Excelurator

Listening to experienced gardeners talk about how Root Excelurator Gold has helped them can give you a lot of good information. They share their success stories and show how this product has made a big difference in their gardens.


Root Excelurator Gold isn’t just a root stimulator. It’s a powerful way to help your roots grow strong and healthy. Because of how special it is and how well it works, every gardener should think about using it. When you understand how to use Root Excelurator Gold and make it a regular part of your gardening, you’ll be able to grow plants that are vibrant and thriving. They’ll show just how amazing this product is.